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Articles by AEA Members

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  • THE EROTIC EYE AND ITS NUDE Judging from the massive production of erotic imagery in photo magazines, films, television, video and internet - not to mention the universal practice of 'girl-watching' - voyeurism and exhibitionism must occupy man's mind, if possible, far more than sexual commerce in the strict sense of the word - writes Stefan Beyst in this compelling thesis.

  • EROTICA VERSUS PORNOGRAPHY We see this term online, in magazines, on the cover of books: erotica. Erotica novels, erotica stories, poems and so on. But what is erotica? - asks Chris Donovan.

  • THE SURGE OF BLACK EROTICA It is no surprise that for centuries the issue of Black erotica has been controversial. These days, black erotica has become popularised by authors who are taking it to mainstream - writes Maryann Reid

  • MAPPLETHORPE AND THE NEW OBSCENITY Robert Mapplethorpe is now widely known as one of a pair of artists, along with Andres Serrano, who catapulted the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) into the crisis that is widely referred to as the "culture wars of the arts" - writes Dustin Kidd

Historical Articles of Note and Influence

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  • WHAT TURNS WOMEN ON? It’s the most hotly debated issue of the postfeminist age. Who and what do women desire? Female scientists are discovering some controversial answers writes Daniel Bergne in The Times.

  • GIRL POWER: IS THIS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE THESE DAYS? - An exposed bra. Skimpy hotpants. Does dressing like a soft porn star actually empower a woman, or is she simply exploiting herself, asks Katharine Whitehorn on the BBC News site.

  • EXTREME PORN LAW GOES LIVE - ARE YOU READY? Unless you happen to have been living on Mars for the last year or so, you probably know that this week (January 26 to be precise) it will become a criminal offence (in England and Wales) to possess pictures that the government deems to be "extreme porn". You might also be aware of two diametrically opposed views on this legislation - writes John Ozimek in 'The Register.'

  • SO WHAT CAN YOU PHOTOGRAPH? It may surprise readers to learn that with a few very specific exceptions, there is no law in the UK against taking photographs. That said, there are a range of quite specific exceptions to this rule says John Ozimek in 'The Register.

  • UK PHOTOGRAPHERS RIGHTS Direct link to a free downloadable PDF guide. The guide was written by Linda Macpherson LL.B, Dip.L.P., LL.M, who is a lecturer in law at Heriot Watt University, with particular experience in Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law and Media Law. Details of authors and disclaimers here

  • THE WAR ON PHOTOGRAPHERS. When you hear the phrase "helping police with their inquiries", does an image of dedicated selfless citizenry instantly spring to mind? Or do you wonder whether the reality is not slightly more sinister? Asks John Ozimek in 'The Register.'

  • WHAT IS OBSCENE THESE DAYS ? It's 2008 and sex seems to be everywhere. So who holds the line between permissiveness and obscenity? What is obscene these days? And how do those people entrusted to make these calls cope with the harrowing work? Asks the BBC's Chris Summers.

  • GUSTAV KLIMT: A LIFE DEVOTED TO WOMEN. Gustav Klimt's golden visions of the female form are about to go on show in Britain. Martin Gayford reports in The Daily Telegraph.

  • VICTORIAN EROTICA: THE ORIGINAL CHEEKY GIRLS. Ever wondered what our great grandparents got up to behind closed doors? A new collection of erotica leaves little doubt, says Guy Kennaway in The Sunday Telegraph Magazine.

  • VISUAL ARTISTS AND EVEN POP STARS COULD FACE PROSECUTION UBDER NEW BRITISH LEGISLATION writes John Ozimek in 'Index on Censorship.' Contains opinions by the Association of Erotic Artists.

  • WHEN DOES KINKY PORN BECOME ILLEGAL? A bill outlawing the possession of "extreme pornography" is set to become law next week. But many fear it has been rushed through and will criminalise innocent people with a harmless taste for unconventional sex - writes Chris Summers on BBC News.

  • VICTORIAN EROTICA: THE ORIGINAL CHEEKY GIRLS. Ever wondered what our great grandparents got up to behind closed doors? A new collection of erotica leaves little doubt, says Guy Kennaway in The Daily Telegraph.

  • JOHN CURRIN: THE FILTH AND THE FURY. His portraits of balloon-breasted women are notorious. Now John Currin is about to arrive in Britain with canvases of an even more sexually explicit nature. The artist talks to David Usborne in 'The Independent' about flesh tones, critical outrage – and why hardcore porn is part of the 'war against Islam'

  • 'I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG?' A bill outlawing the possession of "extreme pornography" is about to be passed. But thousands of law-abiding citizens say they will be criminalised by the law. One of them is 'Helen', from the Midlands, who explains why she enjoys watching such porn. BBC News Magazine.

  • ARTISTS TOO FRIGHTENED TO TACKLE RADICAL ISLAM. Essay in The Times by Ben Hoyle, Times Arts Reporter. "Across Europe there is growing evidence that freedom of expression has been curtailed by fear of religious fundamentalism."

  • INNOCENT PHOTOGRAPHER OR TERRORIST? Misplaced fears about terror, privacy and child protection are preventing amateur photographers from enjoying their hobby, say campaigners - writes Tom Geoghegan in BBC News Magazine.

  • POLICE PLEDGE TO ACT ON PHOTOGRAPHY FEARS. Police have vowed to act on concerns expressed by photographers who fear officers will unfairly target them when taking pictures in public following recent anti-terrorism publicity - writes Chris Cheesman in Amateur Photographer March 2008.

  • POLICE SEIZE PHOTOGRAPHER'S FILM. An amateur photographer has told how police seized his film as he was out taking snaps in a Hull shopping centre - BBC Report January 2008.

  • POLICE DEFEND ANTI-TERROR PHOTO CAMPAIGN. Chris Cheesman responds in Amateur Photographer March 2008.

  • LIVE FLESH by Arthur C Danto Essay on the artist Egon Schiele from the USA publication The Nation.

  • THE ART OF SEDUCTION: SEX THROUGH THE AGES, FROM EVERY POSSIBLE ANGLE. Comment on the Barbican exhibition by Charlotte Higgins in The Guardian

  • SEDUCED - IS IT ART OR IS IT PORN The Barbican's new exhibition which traces the history of sex in art raises difficult questions, says Frances Wilson in The Daily Telegraph.

  • BEYOND LUST The brilliant new exhibition Art and Sex raises the question: has art ever been about anything else? asks Jonathan Jones in The Guardian

  • SHOCKING? PULL THE OTHER ONE Rowan Pelling, The former editor of the Erotic Review, takes a peep at an exhibition at The Barbican exploring sex in art in The Observer.

  • EROTIC ART TRACES HISTORY OF SEX Emily Buchanan reviews the Barbican exhibition 'Seduced - Art and Sex from Antiquity' for the BBC

  • SEX IN THE CITY RAISES HOT TOPICS Where does art stop and pornography begin? Should we impose an age limit for a sexually explicit show? Asks Martin Kemp in the Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog

  • SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE Joan Smith comments in The New Statesman on the "Seduced: Art and Sex From Antiquity to Now" exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery

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